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Company background and philosophy

The Great Salt Bay Seasoning Company takes its name from Maine's first Marine Protected area and one of the most productive spawning areas in Maine for the beloved "living fossil" known as the horseshoe crab, featured prominently on their label.  This 520 acre shallow bay is home to dozens of outstanding examples of Maine wildlife. These include bald eagles, osprey, seals, eel grass beds, spring smelt runs, and an alewife run that attracts thousands of visitors each year to view fish climb the oldest fish ladder in the United States.

The company is owned by Mark and Dale Cameron DesMeules who reside in the beautiful historic hamlet known as Head Tide, Alna. Their love of nature and culinary pursuits are reflected in their products, recipes, and the imagination and creativity they reflect in their business.  Their commitment to creating quality products of the finest natural ingredients, and excellent customer service is reflected in the Great Salt Bay Seasoning Company. They have developed a curious and unique seasoning using pure maple sugar with a touch of hickory smoke. The rich northern woodland flavor of maple combines with cracked pepper, sea salt, and other natural ingredients to create a flavorful and hearty all-purpose seasoning.